Homebrew Game Design & World building

Haste the Journey

Jurn woke up that morning dreading the day.
Unlike his father and brothers, he did not so readily jump at the opportunity to drive out on the ‘dust’. Sure, he’d learned to run a rig for local work and trained a fair bit of firearms and munitions with his kin, but Jurn could never shake the feeling that there were much safer means to earn his keep.
He could not afford such idealistic thinking of late however, since there was no work to be had for this would-be-not gladiator except those that required capable ‘highwaymen’.
Looking ’round his shack and seeing the squalor Jurn’s aunt endured with him there, he put all reservations of self aside and gathered some of his things while she slept and quietly slipped out to “work”.
The early sun was just barely lighting the crest of the western wall as Jurn approached the ‘Courier West’ station of the fort city, Orsieg.


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